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The oricraft network has gone into open alpha which means anyone with the IP can join but will be required to note there will be lots of bugs hiding around. The purpose of an open alpha is to try have people break the network as best as possible to help squash the bugs that lurk inside the plugins



Since this is open alpha the servers WILL restart quite frequently between 9pm-5am (EST) in attempts to patch the bugs that the server had. Of course when the day starts you will be able to see by typing /development in chat. You will either get:


"The development period is temporarily paused" if you can play with no worries


"The (Game) "(Server type)" is currently being worked on! Server One will restart frequently to squash bugs!"

IF you were on when the development period was paused then it got active then you will get the message above printed in your chat!



Most of your player data from coins to friends WILL be erased after the open alpha to promote fairness for those in open beta. The only things we WILL NOT erase is ranks and boosters. Please keep this in mind when you purchase items on the server. It's recommended just to play for fun than items at this period


Other than those small details please invite your friends and enjoy your time on the Oricraft Network!


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